How Can Anyone Avoid Cancer From Toxins In Food?

It seems that cancer of all types is on the rise. My sister died 2 years ago from pancreatic cancer just a couple years after my sister-in-law died of the same disease. That accounts for 2 deaths in the same family of the same type. Since then many other people have died of it as well. It is a horrible death with long periods of agony associated with it. It is also a short time from diagnosis to death, sometimes just a few weeks.

This prompted me to do a bit of research into likely causes. High on the list of suspects is gyphosphate, which is the main component of a weed killer produced by Monsanto. This Company is responsible for genetically modified crops and the key to their success is the ability to spray them with the chemical to safely kill weeds but not the plants.

Wow! That took my breath away. Both my family members who died were not only gardeners but they used the weed killer on a regular basis. The Company claims that by avoiding contact with the skin while spraying it is safe to use. Scientific evidence now shows, however, a link between the product and pancreatic cancer.

The government has now banned its use in Australia. That follows reports that certain weeds, such as rye grass, have become immune to it. It might also be because many vegetables and fruits are known to take up the chemical from the soil where it can stay active for several weeks.

The question is how much of the weed killer is absorbed by the plants over which the substance is sprayed, both by aerial and hand sprayers. There is so much unknown about this product and its effect on our food that we may be eating the cancer causing toxins in just about everything.

Genetically modified foods include those from which oils are produced that coat certain items, such as chips, fish, and anything else that can be fried or oven baked. They are also sold in volume for home use and are in many other products that the public does not know about or understand.’

Until further studies are undertaken the likelihood of banning GM crops along with the weed killer may be some time in the future and with different governments to those of today. Unless people speak out and bring about a wake-up call to provoke action it is impossible to avoid cancer causing toxins in food from this source.